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Verletzungsbedingte Pause beendet

Nachdem ich bei einem Reitunfall auf Island im Frühsommer eine Knöchelfraktur erlitten habe, mußte ich einige Monate mit der Fotografie pausieren. Schwere Knochen heilen anscheinend

Day 27 – #30DaysOfCovid

This sequence is in preparation of my last two images of the 30Days series, which I will probably procrastinate on for a while until I

Day 26 – #30DaysOfCovid

The other thought with this dyad of images (see yesterday’s) was to visualize how on Social Media, we literally

Day 25 – #30DaysOfCovid

Although the common Steckerlwald, as the monocultural pinewood forests are called in German, is not a beautiful thing per se, I am always fascinated by

Day 24 – #30DaysOfCovid

Still raining and cold, which is a blessing after the drought… I wanted to use this situation to create a dark and moody photo in

Day 21 – #30DaysOfCovid

It’s been a long-lasting dream of mine to run across a field of dandelions, but it’s rare to find such a thing nowadays.