Schlagwort: Conceptual

Day 9 – #30DaysOfCovid

As I’m proceeding with this project, I wonder if this is my personal escape from the reality we all deal with these days.

Day 8 – #30DaysOfCovid

I wanted to show the soft and vulnerable human skin against the gnarly bark of a tree and found this amazing pine in a little

Day 7 – #30DaysOfCovid

Originally, I wanted to do a levitation shot and schlepped my posing stool all the way to the location at another one of my favorite

Day 3 – #30DaysOfCovid

There is a place in the woods where the light is particularly beautiful when the sun sets, illuminating the trees from behind like fire.

Day 2 – #30DaysOfCovid

I wanted to visualize the beauty in decay, and that in order to make room for the new, the old has to perish.