Day 1 – #30DaysOfCovid

Initially, I wanted to create a dark and moody picture of me standing in the woods. I tried various locations, but the sunlight was merciless and the concept didn’t work.

So when I found this wonderful clearing where young and fresh grass was catching the sunlight, I opted for a lighter image and mood. Showing myself weightless and in motion, I was hoping to illustrate my current state in between an old reality that’s been shattered and a new one that is yet to be formed, stressing the need of, despite all the difficulties, trying to maintain some kind of lightheartedness.

Not grounded, but not quite flying either.

To work with unexpectedly harsh light conditions and contrasts.

Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade

Less is more. Don’t bounce around like crazy and risk losing your balance when you can get better results with less but focused action.